[My name is Pandora]
[I'm the gift of all]
[I'm sinned]
[I opened the box out of curiosity]  (I wasn't curious about what's in the box)  ((I had known what was in there)) 
[I was curious how fun it would be to releas misfortunes to mankind]
[I was meant to be evil]  [I am a poisoned gift for men from Gods]
[I left Hope in on purpose]  (You don't need Hope)
[All you need is me, the woman, the beautiful, the innocent]
[I have transparent eyes for you to fall for]   
[You have only your own selves to blame if you believe any word I say]
[The Pisces are born liars]  (Gods made me in March)
[I seem foolish to be able to fool you]
[I knew you would fall for me, even I opened the box to plague you] 
(Let's play)
It is said from her, the first woman, comes the race of women who are an evil to men, and said to have a nature to do evil.
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