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懶惰的我久久整理一次email信箱,今天有空看了WJ同學一個月前forward來的動畫 the inner life of the cell,彩色3D的細胞裡好精采阿。這喚起了許多生物課本的回憶,watching it go live實體化以前在平面書本上只能靠想像學來的東西。科技越來越進步,雖然老一輩的我還是以為書本不能被取代,不過說不定以後上生物課都變這樣看3D影片或實境模擬了呢。
細胞複雜又精密的運作太神奇了,這一切是怎麼發生的? 在youtube上有一連串"要不是神的存在也不會有這一切" "茄,這一切都是千百億萬年演化來的"諸如此類的討論,不過這些關乎personal beliefs,懶惰的我覺得爭辯這些會累,所以,還是看影片吧:

Inner Life of the Cell animation conception and scientific content by Alain Viel and Robert A. Lue.
Animation by John Liebler/XVIVO.
Copyrighted by Harvard University.

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最近玩了個 group blog, hoping to build up an online community.
一開始是找了些大學班上的朋友們,想說雖然大家都在同個領域,做的東西卻又各有不同,也都身處在不同的地方,不如來搞個平台把大家的idea丟上來。除了可以更了解散落在世界各角落的人兒們在做的東西,也是想法的交流,然後說不定在我們討論下就發現某個東西一般人很需要可是沒有人生產,那我們不就發了 muahahaha.
想是這樣想啦,要最後能發,現在最重要的還是blog content building. 我偷偷發現我的大學同學們平日工作/課業/私生活繁忙(還有那個誰給我跑去結婚 哼哼 (恭喜阿)),好像也少有寫blog的習慣,所以參加率有點小。不過經過我私下反省檢討,應該是這個blog沒有明確的主題missions & objectives (雖然之前的想法是這些東西大家參與後會自動sort out (亂來)),資訊收集的管道或許也不應該侷限在朋友同學們,外面廣大的世界(中國同胞會說 茫茫網海)一定也有人沒事就上網玩樂逛網站po文有時間用網路搭起生技知識的橋樑。
總之重點是資訊分享。網際網路has made communicating to other ppl so easy,而網路社群也已經顯示了強大的帶動力量。如果我們能夠recognize this然後加以利用,知識與訊息的累積是用倍數在長的。更何況生物相關資訊有很大一部分也仰賴這樣類似的collaborative open source平台互通有無 (e.g. genome sequencing),快速的互動是推進科技的一大主因。
blogs比bbs或forums多了許多有趣的玩意兒,介面好像對大眾也更和藹可親一些。但是現在blogs還是高度個人化的,我喜歡看某些人的blogs也是因為我喜歡看這些人的個人想法吧。當blog作為一個online community的平台似乎這樣的個人化就減少不少,但誰說blog不能走向一個以社群為單位的specified的社群化呢。
或許很多時候當你每天routine的實驗或工作,已經不把慣常接觸的科技當作科技新知,又或許是也有保密防諜的因素而猶豫分享新發現,不過我想主要應該是大家寫paper上班看電腦都夠煩了,閒暇時間不會想再花在同性質的東西上。所以這樣子以某種專業技術作為topic的blog,是不是應該由半個門外漢(e.g. 我) 這類的人來做主要建構者? 應為對我來說,不管是新科技或新藥的release,或生技/製藥公司之間的策略經營與購併行銷,都是有趣極了的東西而想要與旁人分享討論。
這篇寫到這裡會不會很無聊? 總之有興趣的人私下來跟我討論吧。
來看所以我到底在幹嘛: www.biozoo.blogspot.com

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yes, iPhone. 

Apparently "iPhone" has been a registered trademark owned by Cisco.  The negotiation of sharing the trademark between Cisco and Apple was still going, but Apply launched iPhone anyway despite the potential lawsuit. Why?

There was absolutely going to be a lawsuit against Apple over the trademark iPhone (and that's what Cisco did on Wednesday), giving the fact of infringement and that Apple is a rich and wellkown corporation (just like Cisco itself) therefore very worth suing.   

I don't know if Cisco had known that Apple was going to launch before they reached an agreement on the trademark.  In either way, both the launch and the lawsuit were highly strategic.  It's a game about marketing share gaining and profit making. 

How many people knew about Cisco's iPhone before yesterday? I didn't, and I was so fascinated by the touch pad and auto-sensing things of Apple's iPhone (yeah I want one too).  Whoever talks to me about "iPhone" after the launch, I will link it to Apple's new product without blinking.  Apple of course knew about this and had full confidence that they will be the name owner that recognized and accepted by ordinary consumers.   

Lawsuits, even motions for injunction relief, take time to come to a result.  By the time there's anything comes out of the lawsuit, Apple will already have gained its reputation on this fancy innovative little gadget, and the trademark iPhone will be registered in people's heads. 

What is Cisco thinking?  I think they are hoping to reopen the negotiation and have a (much) better deal with Apple.  The infringement of trademark is an obvious fact, Cisco will probably win with this lawsuit.  Apple definitely knows about that they're being bully and the probability of losing the case.  With a good negotiation team, Cisco may very well get more out of Apple's pocket while there's a lawsuit going on on the side. 

Of course all of those above is just in my little knowledge-limited head.  We will see how these two big players play.  At the same time, can anyone give me an iPhone? maybe for my birthday?  Have you seen how it flips through album images when choosing a song???

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China is gonna attack Taiwan despite the ongoing 2008 Olympics..


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